The practice of Dru yoga, Kriya yoga, meditation and knowledge of the chakras were my first experiences in the holistic field, which over time led me to discover my great gift of healing through energy.
Energy is a force that has various forms and has the ability to move or change many things.
It is the pure connection to Source and is within us naturally, from birth.
It can therefore be said that it is only up to ourselves to want to see it, experience it and make it part of our daily lives.

Even as a child and teenager, I already felt and recognised this potential within me, but at the time I did not know how to name it or how to use it.
My path of personal and spiritual growth taught me to give it a place within me, to identify it and finally to use it.
When I was ready and prepared, free of beliefs and blocks that prevented me from fully accessing this gift, it was then that I discovered the way that allowed me to give it concrete meaning.

I discovered a very simple technique, based on the movement of this energy, through which it is possible to bring healing to oneself and others:


In fact, I experimented it firstly on myself, with success, eliminating chronic physical pain caused by an alleged fibromyalgia, which had been restricting my movements for years.

My mission is therefore to share this technique with those who want it:
I organise courses and themed seminars, but I also carry out personalised treatments.

The seminars are based on the explanation and practical demonstration of how instant healing can take place in cases of physical, chronic or temporary pain.

Even anxiety, an emotion present within each of us, can be mastered and transformed through energy movement: some of my suggestions on this subject I hope will be appreciated.

Basic meditation techniques and principles of proper nutrition are part of the healing programme I promote, facilitating and amplifying the result of applying energy movements.

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